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Video Editing Course in Rawalpindi is one of the most renowned and widely recognized course around the globe. Technology is a constantly evolving frequently and with every new day comes a new change and new specializations. Multimedia and Video Editing Course Rawalpindi is gaining popularity day by day. With the advent of new multimedia tools and techniques the editing methods are also evolving. Mostly video editing relates to the TV, Broadcasting and other Electronic media tools. All the forms of text, sounds, Pictures and animations are managed according to the requirement in a video that is played over different multimedia tools. This is normally called video editing. In general, all the films, songs, cartoons, animated films, audio recordings and other picture collages are displayed after proper video editing. It requires a proper Video Editing Course Rawalpindi to acquire such dynamic skills which are mandatory to perform editing. In fact, video editing is an art that entails different sub activities  Video Editing Course in Rawalpindi

Course Outline Video Course

  • Movie mixing
  • Video Editing
  • Cutting
  • Trimming
  • Effects
  • Transitions

Video Editing Course Fee : 17000/-

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There are so many stages involved in Video Editing Course Rawalpindi Below mentioned is the general outline of the workflow that you will intake to become a successful video editor.

Inculcating the Basics

The first part of the course will give you an overview of the do’s and don’t’s of video editing. You will develop the main foundation concepts of that every editor knows and explore the main features of Non-Linear Editing. Finally, you will learn in detail about the multiple stages involved in video editor’s workflow.

Video Shooting and Editing

In this phase of video editing course, broad concepts of shooting the video will be unleashed i-e (how to take a shot, capture, edit and output). The basics will be inculcated that how to set up frame shots, their testing, adjustment of camera angles, height, lighting and distance calculation that matters. You will also learn the key concepts and terms that video editors use.

Techniques of Editing

In this part you will closely examine the different small phases of video editing. That how to maintain the continuity between one shot and the next. This is the main part that how efficiently you can manage the upcoming shots with the previous ones. You will also learn the classical techniques of maintaining the continuity of the shots i-e how to do a graphic match, maintain rhythm & movements. Finally, you will also learn the do’s and don’ts’s of shots management.

Motion, Effects and Rhythm

This is one of the most important part of the lecture that enlists methodologies of managing time, motion and effects. Time management skills will be developed, in which practical’s will be performed to make you understand the importance of speeding and slowing the motion on the viewers perception. How overrunning and under running the time can affect the audience and how transitional effects and other visual effects can be used to communicate the time passage and other changes. This lecture will also provide you with an opportunity of editing a short musical video and how you can sync visual images in the soundtrack of your choice.

Output & Titles

This is most intellectual part of you Video Editing Course Rawalpindi In this phase you will learn how to add introductory titles and text graphics to your videos and how to animate them using key templates. In addition to it, you will also learn how to compress a file and apply formats that are required to produce a required output (Finalized video) for displaying.

Sound Editing

We all know that sound plays a vital role in the popularity of any video. In fact, any video without a soundtrack is useless and less engaging. In this part of the course you will develop a deep understanding of how four key elements of video soundtrack (human voice, ambient sound, effects & music) can be managed. You will get to know that how to manage the quantitative aspects of sound can be managed i-e pitch, loudness, volume, base and noise. This will also require a practical demonstration of how the sound effects viewers perception.

Video Editing Course Benefits

Our market competitive Video Editing Course Rawalpindi will help you become an industry expert to perform high end video editing tasks and work solely as a pro video editor. There are numerous other reasons one can take this course for. Some of them are

  • You will be able to opt this field as a career path
  • Easy to find a reputable job
  • Inculcate entrepreneurial skills
  • Able to freelance
  • Easy to media industry
  • You be able to telecommute

Purpose of Video Editing Course

There are multiple uses of video editing. The basic purpose is to aesthetically improve the quality of the content for the viewers. There are different platforms used such as YouTube, Daily motion, Play it Hub and many more on the domestic scale and broadcasting media tools for proper business purposes to publish the videos. Depending upon the level of requirement and the nature of the task different tools are used. For example, for professional films like in Hollywood or Bollywood require high end video editing for scenes, songs and action and that can only be done through hiring professional video editors and using pro tools. The more the video is edited precisely and cleanly the more will the engagement of the audience & more positive will the reviews of the viewers. There are multiple objectives of offering this Video Editing Course Rawalpindi and that are:

  • Apply foundation concepts in non-linear video modification.
  • Develop student’s proficiency with the basic tools and techniques.
  • To make you learn how to Shoot, capture, edit, and output short video projects.
  • To give you a practical exposure to all the basics.
  • Introduction to Shots management and sound editing tactics.
  • To make the students potent enough for time management and adding titles.
  • To make you capable of editing a linear video.

Common Video Editing tools

There are various tools used in video editing. With time a lot of new additions are made to these editing tools. Some are also available free online, and some are paid professional tools. The tools that you will be mad familiar with in this Video Editing Course Rawalpindi