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pk Institute is bringing a digital marketing course for you Your City Rawalpindi where you can learn a new style of internet marketing that allows you to do your business Digital platforms can easily spread over it. We will teach you digital marketing step by step within which we tell you how Google Facebook Twitter and YouTube can deliver their message to people and spread their business Digital marketing is a platform that has all over the world There is a lot of demand, too. Digital marketing is the name of the marketing that booked you today, such as your marketing above the digital platform by giving your services or your business Businesses can be expanded, and digital marketing has a lot of demand all over the world, given that many people are giving speakers at the Pakistani and international levels this day. There are also simple words like freelancing. Our institution has been conducting digital marketing courses for the past seven years, and thousands of studios have been successful and provided services in various fields Performing is today the age of social media, which is why millions of people use social media, including the gentleman’s list Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube By using the form, you can deliver your message to a thousand, this is also called Internet marketing or digital marketing if you want to take the classics of our institution So we can visit our office,  digital marketing course, and a poster that can be made from the square around the world if you want to know from Pakistan to abroad There are jobs of Veer inside the Europe-US Canada Militia and Mary jobs Countries, who can just go there and do it on top of it today .

Digital Marketing Course Outline

  • Search Engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)
  • Email marketing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Basic SEO

5 Days A Week Class

Course Fee: 22000/-

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Digital Marketing Course in Rawalpindi and Islamabad special training classes.

Definition of digital marketing

Fifteen twenty years from today until any person or company has any service, service، Or wanted to convey the product to others, different channels and methods were adopted for it۔ For example, marketing through individuals, marketing through paper advertising, newspaper, radio, TV marketing, wall chalking, drinking flakes, brochures, visitor cards, etc۔

But now it’s Internet time, so marketing methods and channels have changed۔ Digital marketing refers to spreading its products or services through online marketing channels۔ That is, websites, social media, email, etc۔

The field of digital marketing is very wide, and you can access unlimited areas and unlimited people۔ While old marketing methods had extremely limited fields.