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Welcome to PK Institute

mian abidI am delighted to welcome you to PK Institute. PK Institute is an educational institution of exemplary standards in Pakistan.Commitment to quality education, extensive investment, solid management and continuous development are the principles that have raised the Institute profile and shaped its growth. Students at PK Institute enjoy the advantages of a unique combination: Both nationally and internationally recognized quality and credibility of First Class education.

At PK Institute we are proud of all that we have accomplished until now. We are also confident of the prospects that open for both our students and the institute in the future.

Our students value learning, respect each other and appreciate the skills and expertise of their teachers. In this supportive environment we offer the chance to develop the skills, self-confidence and maturity. In this faith we offer to you an educational experience which is shaped by commitment, enthusiasm, discipline, effectiveness, insight and creativity: which can withstand the demands of the contemporary world

PK  is a unique and exciting educational community. I look forward to welcoming you here.


Our Team

muhammad imran     Mudassar ali

Muhammad Imran          Mudassar Ali

IT Trainer                             Office Coordinator

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