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Google Adword is one of the best online advertisement tools that is used most widely in today’s world. It is a google’s self-created tool. Its main purpose is to provide the marketers with such a tool that allow them to post effective ads, do on ground keyword research and keep proper track of the ad’s performance. But, to gain proper know how of this effective tool you need to acquire Google Adword Course in Rawalpindi .

Google AdWord course is an important credential for individuals as it is one of the few standardized ways to prove a certain level of knowledge or topical relevance. While it is an exclusive hallmark it requires a complete learning concept and experience. As the name “google” has become a hallmark of internet, the term “Adwords” is a sign of advertisement now a day. This is the frequency by which this tool is being used and trusted widely. Pk institute Rawalpindi

What you will Gain in Google Adword Course

The power behind pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that google adword offers is phenomenal. During this google adword course you will learn relevant terminologies, techniques and strategies to achieve accurate results with google adword. The grip on these tasks will allow you to apply it on real time situation in a unique way. In addition to it you will be able to acquire real time marketing worlds practices and combine it with the experience you already possess. You will be able to understand the PPC (Pay Per Click) in google adwords. By the end of the google adword course you will be potent enough to make profitable campaigns for your clients and for yourself and get the most out of it. Additionally, you will also monitor the performance in terms of Return of Investment (ROI).

Google Adword Course Outline

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • Creating First Google Ads Account
  • Structuring Your Ad
  • How To Write Killer Ads in Google Ads!
  • All About Keywords
  • Account Structure – How To Structure Ad Groups
  • Your AdWords Billing
  • The Incredible Dynamics Of The AdWords Auction
  • Expanding And Refining Your Campaigns
  • Negative Keywords

Google Adword Course Fee” 17000/-

    • Monday to Friday
    • 09:00 am to 06:00 pm

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After the completion of the certification you will leave as a certified Google Adword expert, carrying the basic experience and know-how of Advertising fundamentals. This certification is one of the most renowned and widely accepted courses in the world of marketing. Rawalpindi at 6th Road Rawalpindi

Purpose of Google Adword Course

Unlike all other advertisement tools google adword is the most efficient and effective tool available in the 21st century for online advertisement. There are multiple options available in it and it is also equipped with different tools that allow you to perform following tasks, i-e

  • Evaluation of competitor’s keywords
  • Inclusion of high end keywords in your web pages to rank them higher
  • Learning about negative keywords to save money
  • Learn how to use paid search to find buyers
  • Build your own Google Adword campaign
  • Use effective tricks to get more clicks on your ads
  • Analyse the campaigns and track their performance to get the most out of it
  • How to target right people with the right ads

Google Adword Course objectives

The core objectives of Google Adword course are to make you learn the practices of modern digital advertisement and entire advertisement network. Other than these you will also have;

  • Deep understanding of multiple channels of Google advertising network i-e Search, Display, Mobile and Video.
  • You will be master of handling google adword account and interface.
  • Will be able to plan and execute different campaign using google adword.
  • How to make a bid and different bidding strategies will be under your control
  • Marketing and re-marketing of your product to the targeted customers using multiple channels

Who can take the course?

Either you are a business owner or a career marketer or a digitally tech savvy person this google Adword course will teach you how to be more efficient and effective in building and running AdWords campaigns;

  • Professional marketers from beginner-level to management
  • Online marketers seeking enhancement of skills
  • Industry professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business owners (small, medium & Large)
  • Specialists of communications

Benefits of taking the  Google Adword Course

Like all other professional tools Google Adword course is simple and damn beneficial. According to the modern trends where most of the traffic is shifting online, it is important to cater this touch point. Google AdWords therefore is the right tool to perform this action. Because targeting the right audience on the right time is the most important factor and only then you can generate more leads and revenue. Likewise, you can sell more products online through this. And this is the most effective way of getting more traffic to your site. At first spending money on AdWords may feel like a wise option, but in fact the results unleashed are always accurate and effective. That is why it is worth investing in this sector and gain numerous benefits

  • Adwords works faster than SEO and get more instant results
  • Increases awareness of your brands
  • Easy to measure your performance on daily basis
  • Lure in more prospects
  • Easy to gain competitive intelligence

Points to ponder

We provide the flexibility of time for your learning. You can choose the best suitable time for yourself in the week. google adwords academy google certification courses


All the basics of AdWords course have been covered in the description. We hope that you attain added value in when you opt for the course and develop necessary skills and techniques for working as a digital marketer. google adwords certification training Get 10% Discount Offer