Latest urdu and pakistan news

Pakistani and Urdu and English language newspapers. If you want to read any kind of Urdu, you also want to read news related to Urdu News, such as Showbiz News, Weather News, News from all over the world. Want to read popular newspapers like Urdu language in English language We …

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Latest Urdu news – Social media platform

PNI (Pakistan News International) Provided the latest news in all Pakistan and other countries a big platform of news in Urdu and English language. You can use our news portal for latest updates because we share all categories news and update every 3 minutes on 24/7. PNI provided the social …

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Major Urdu and local language regional newspapers in Pakistan:

Urdu newspapers are very popular in Pakistan and people in every corner of Pakistan speak and understand Urdu. This is the reason why ordinary people prefer to read Urdu news papers printed in Urdu language. It is a different matter that in two provinces of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh, …

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