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Ms Office Course

Ms office course is  the most beneficial   and popular in all over the world . it is easy to use ,easy to accessible and abundance across operating system have   made its all programs  which is almost use in all over the world.It  helps   to   scale down basic office tasks and increase the productivity of end user. Now a days it become a homogeneous, dependable tool for almost sectors like education , hospitals, business , commercial , small scale firms  infect  almost all public and private sectors .

Micro soft word was fundamentally  build to automatic control the manual work  with  the  combination  of  persistent ,enduring applications.

Microsoft word’s  each application is performing different tasks. 

  1. Micro soft  word
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft  PowerPoint
  4. Out Look
Ms Office Course

Microsoft Word

It simply make  and maintain the record of our text data .we can create and edit  different letters, applications , articles, panaflex, vouchers ,and lot  of  different official letters formats we can create and mention the record of these documents in soft form .

Features of Ms Word

  • You can copy past data and can also save for future use and record keeping.
  • You  can change text data in different formats , add tables, columns and can write text ,numeric data in it.
  • even you  can add  different shapes , edit  their  size , and can  write in these shapes. You can check grammatically errors in text data , can make text documents  attractive in ms office by using different tools and features .
  • You  can Insert picture data can modify ,by using  editing wrapping  text function.
  • You  can add bullet ,  text and page numbering .bold text ,atelic text ,underline ,etc even a verity of quick selection methods are available in Ms Office .


2. Microsoft excel

Excel is a software program created by Microsoft that use  spread sheet to organize the numerical data by using the multifariousness   formulas and functions. Even excel analysis is ubiquitous around the world and use by all type of business sectors for the purpose to perform there financial tasks and analysis.

Features of Ms Excel

  • Excel is typically use to   mention record of numeric data. By using excel we can perform the verity of financial tasks.
  • Main uses of excel including data entry, numerical data record, perform financial tasks, financial statements analysis, profit and loss accounts manage and other Accounting tasks.
  • You can make qualitative and quantitative  numerical reports in Excel
  • Additional and remarkable key function of excel is graphically & statistically representation of numerical data in the form of charts and graphs.
  • You can mention record of large amount of data in excel and can analysis of  numerical data  Almost all the functions that need to be in organized form of data.
  • Additional supporting and considerable function of Ms Excel you can search certain data easily and quickly from the large amount of data recorded on spread sheet by using filter option.
  • You can make tables and can insert large amount of data and can analysis through different formula functions like pivot table, V-lookup. These functions help you to take the quick decisions and manage your tasks timely.

3. Ms Power Point

Power point is the part of micro soft office basically it is commonly used for presentation in the form of “slide –show” for enhancing presentation.

Features of Ms Excel

  • Commonly use in education, business, government, private sectors for different type of video, slide –show presentations.
  • PowerPoint is easy to access and ability to share information beyond the initial meeting.
  • PowerPoint is a good option even it can reduce our speaking power by adding videos
  • You  can use different type of animation, videos, and slide-shows to make more attractive our presentation.
  • Basic purpose of  power point is to make presentations which should be  highly summarised and less in detail, main discussion ideas  sales ,purchase , marketing trends ,tendency should be highlighted through bullets  points in attractive way on slides ,designs etc.
  • With attractive and consistent presentation we can capture the market.

4.Out Look    

Out look is use for email exchange emails, email reminders for  organisational staff members .it is tool for effective information management.

Features of  Out Look 

  • Outlook is frankly allow you to send and receive emails massages, manage your official calendar, store name  of clients ,employees and contact numbers , and track your tasks. It can help you to more productive.
  • Through Outlook application we can give reminder for meeting through email. Basically Outlook is a written form of data exchange.

Is Ms Office course professional Skill?

Ms Office is a widely used tool for computerized evidence of   documents, data, information in organized form, deliver presentation

So  We can say that ,  Ms Office is professional skill.  Help you to thrive in your job, no matter the sector your are in small Scale or corporate level you must have a specialized skill, and knowledge.

With professional skills of  Microsoft applications such as Excel, PowerPoint , Ms word  and their online apps the Business Community can   enhance their  proficiency to capture the market . Ms Office Course

Having a skill show your ability and dedication to the job can help you before head in your profession.

PK institute

is the best learning institute in Rawalpindi we offer a variety of professional learning programs by using the best teaching and training techniques .PK institute is doing a work on Student’s training of professional skills development .our mission is to  deliver  cost effective  trainings online and class room campus for skills development. we have a track record of  executing major trainings and advisory mode of continue process  improvement.

We also limelight on students  counselling increase their confidence , improve their decision power  and ability to manage their stress.  

PK  Institute also offer a variety of professional course like Ms office , graphic designs ,  different international languages ,digital marketing ,SEO,  computerized accounts courses . we give training facility to students form basic learning to professional level .

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