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Urdu newspapers are very popular in Pakistan and people in every corner of Pakistan speak and understand Urdu. This is the reason why ordinary people prefer to read Urdu news papers printed in Urdu language. It is a different matter that in two provinces of Pakistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh, ordinary citizens prefer to read Pashto and Sindhi newspapers because in these two provinces of Pakistan, Pashto and Sindh are taught in both languages. Latest urdu news in pakistan
But in other provinces of Pakistan, Punjab and Balochistan, the provincial languages Punjabi and Balochi are badly neglected. That is why Punjabi and Balochi languages seem to be disappearing with each passing day. There is no doubt that people in Punjab speak Punjabi and Balochi in Balochistan but their script is not there and it is not written.
In Pakistan, only Urdu language newspapers are called national newspapers and these newspapers are published from all major cities of the country. Along with Urdu, regional newspapers in Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also sponsored at the government level and advertisements are given to these newspapers in the local media list so that they do not suffer financial crisis.
In terms of news coverage, good quality newspapers are published in Urdu only, while regional newspapers do not have the same standard of writing as national newspapers because national level writers and intellectuals only prefer to write in big and national newspapers.
Writers and intellectuals who write in local newspapers are all those whose writings do not find a place in national institutions, these people do not have a good idea about national institutions and the quality of their arguments and writings is not such that they find a place.
A similar situation exists with the organizations that now appear in the form of websites and those who write on them are also included in two categories, one is those who write national level reviews and the other is those who think local and regional thinking. And prioritize topics that are of local interest. pakistan news international

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