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The Pk Institute is offering you a freelance course. This freelance course is designed specifically for those who want to work at home and work as your own. Our teacher has a working experience on the freelancer website. That’s why I can get your job from the whole world to get home sitting around the world.

Best For Fiverr Platform 

Freelance Course
Freelance Course

Top Freelancing Courses Online in Rawalpindi

One of the biggest destinations of a job is that you can work independently sitting anywhere. This course will show you different tricks and crossings to attract customers to you and easily win the project with all the needs. And stay in long-term business relationships instead of short-term business to avoid vehicles. Freelance is the biggest and good way to earn money from which you can conveniently earn money sitting at home.

Freelance Course Outline

  • Is Freelancing Right for You?
  • Preparing for Launch
  • How to Get Freelance Clients
  • Project Management for Freelancers
  • Testing Freelance Projects
  • Working with Legacy Applications
  • Managing Client Relationships

Freelance Course Fee: 15000/-

Freelancing Course | Online Work in Fiverr (2020)

Uskill Institute offer a Fiverr Course get complete practical course of Freelancing Course in Rawalpindi. This Freelancing Course is meant to teach the tips and tricks of freelancing .

Freelancing Course for more information Call Now: 0311-5559404

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