Fee Structure

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Course NameCourse DurationTotal FeeCourse Link
Microsoft Office2  Months10000/-Microsoft Office
Web Designing Course 2 Months 12000/-Web Designing Course
Graphic Designing Course 3 Months12000/-Graphic Designing Course
Hardware Course2  Months10000/-Hardware Course
Web Designing Course 2 Months 12000/-Web Designing Course
Web Development 2 Months12000/-Web Development
PHP Course2  Months12000/-PHP Course
WordPress Course 1 Month 11000/-WordPress Course
SEO ( Search Engine Optimization 1 Month15000/-SEO ( Search Engine Optimization
Networking Course2  Months10000/-Networking Course
Video Editing ( Adobe Premiere) 2 Months 15000/-Video Editing
CIT ( Certificate in information Technology) 3 Months25000/-CIT
Diploma of IT1  Year45000/-Diploma of IT
Peachtree Course 1 Month8500/-Peachtree
Quickbooks Course 1 Month8500/-Quickbooks
Tally erp  Month10000/-Tally
Primavera Course 1 Month 15000/-Primavera
Korean Language Course 3 Months18000/-Korean Language
Revit Course2  Months15000/-Revit
Civil 3D Course 2 Months 15000/-Civil 3D
AutoCAD Course 3 Months10000/-AutoCAD
3d Studio Max2  Months15000/-3d Studio Max
Air Ticketing Course 1 Month15500/-Air Ticketing
Google Adword Course 1 Month12000/-Google Adword
Facebook Marketing Course1 Month10000/-Facebook Marketing
Youtube Earning Course 1 Month 12000/-Youtube Earning
Digital Marketing Course 1 Months15000/-Digital Marketing
Logo Designing Course2  Months10000/-Logo Designing
Networking Course 2 Months9000/-Networking
Computer Hardware Course2 Months10000/-Computer Hardware
Microsoft Excel Course1 Month11500/-Microsoft Excel
Adobe PhotoShop Course1 Month9000/-
Adobe Illastater Course1 Month9000/-
Ulead Video Studio1 Month9000/-
WordPress Course1 Month9000/-