AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi – 2D/3D Civil & Mechanical

AutoCAD is an exciting field that joins imagination and imagination alongside technical ability. AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi Envision utilized for construction or consulting organization, utility, reserve, or engineering or manufacturing firm, creating a point by point drawings and illustrations for a building, another new item, or open or public space. What’s more, visualize showing an idea in 3D instead of illustration out a plan by hand. AutoCAD makes it simple, plus our AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi makes it relaxed for you to learn. The training course of AutoCAD guides you well ordered, from primary activities to more perplexing capacities. You will start with the basic practice and theory with regards to AutoCAD and rapidly advance to the drawing polylines, 3D modeling, isometric drawing, and dimensions. PK Institution puts you on the path to achievement. You will additionally get guidance on the most proficient method to begin your AutoCAD career as well as acquire the most excellent AutoCAD jobs the world over. AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi and Islamabad

autocad course Rawalpindi

Contents of the AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi

  1. Introduction to the basic AutoCAD
  2. Blocks
  3. 3D Design
  4. 2D Design
  5. Foundation
  6. Section
  7. Layers
  8. Develop the blueprints
  9. Developing the 3D and 2D designs
  10. Exploring the commands of display
  11. Setting up the layout for the plotting
  12. Final Project

AutoCAD Course Duration 2 Months

5 Days a Week Class Daily 2 Hours Class Time Morning and evening

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Join training AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi of Autodesk AutoCAD at PK Institute Rawalpindi. PK Institute gives more than 2700+ information technology plus Business instructional classes all through Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Regardless of whether you are searching for personalized onsite AutoCAD training course for a private group all through Rawalpindi or an educator drove online AutoCAD class, PK Institute has the answer for you.

AutoCAD is the most broadly utilized 2D, and 3D PC helped design (computer-aided design) programming software application. Comprised for its specialty highlights, toolsets as well as design and drafting capacities, AutoCAD is the leading design programming software adopted by contractors, manufacturing and construction professionals as well as architects over the globe for making close to original blueprints plus other engineering and designing drafts. AutoCAD confirmations and certifications are concocted and offered via Autodesk, that verify your comprehension of drafting and designing procedures, tool, plus best practices and assist you to get internationally perceived as a professional and certified drafter.

PK Institute, Rawalpindi proposes hands-on- intensive AutoCAD certification and training courses to engage you alongside the latest computer-aided design techniques and tools for quickening your drafting profession. Our certified and skilled mentors having a lot of experience in providing the complete AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi reduce unparalleled comprehension of the CAD apparatuses and fundamental basics to enable you to accomplish top of the line abilities.

Information About This AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi

The AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi at PK Institute Rawalpindi assist you well ordered from basic tasks to more intricate capacities. AutoCAD is to make the blueprints of drafter, appliances, toys, buildings, draft and design great plan of structures; a most exceptional drafter has creativity plus thing in control. This work is connected to create a different and tremendous design that you require to consist full information of your job to be a decent drafter. To comprehend the idea, it is exceptionally essential and significant to take AutoCAD course as it is certifiably not a troublesome course for those individuals who are competent and skilled. AutoCAD is the most popular programming software alongside the most outstanding jobs in your nation plus out of the nation. AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi at 6th Road Location.

AutoCAD Course in three categories:

  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Electrical

This AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi is accessible at PK Institute Rawalpindi. AutoCAD course at PK Institute Rawalpindi emphasis around primary drafting methods and is organized to client scope of civil engineering. The content of AutoCAD course is delivered in an assortment of modes together with showings the practical work as well as a theory alongside members picking up hands-on experience alongside this AutoCAD. The individuals inspired by creating CAD and designing utilizing the AutoCAD as well as need to learn civil engineering design and mechanical drawing they need to register in AutoCAD Courses at PK Institute Rawalpindi.

Introduction to the Software of Auto CAD

  1. About the software of the Auto CAD?
  2. History of the Auto CAD?

Auto CAD Drawing?

  1. Auto Mobile Drawing
  2. Mechanical
  3. Surgical
  4. Electrical
  5. Building Architectural

Introduction to all of the Commands?

  1. Auto CAD 2D Command
  2. Auto CAD Theory Now.
  3. Plan 2D.
  4. 2D Plan
  5. 3D Introduction

AutoCAD Responsibility and Skills:

A drafter design or prepares a program with the support of PC and advertisement programming software. The drafter creates products design by utilizing the comprehension of engineering. In order to be the best drafter, you should have experience and know-how of making a drawing. This AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi is required and useful in the construction industry.

Course AutoCAD Description:

AutoCAD is software is for the 2D as well as 3D the most part termed (CAD) Computer Aided Design Plus Drafting since 1982 as a PC application and since the year 2010 as a mobile phone web application. It is for the most part capacities, for example, Straight Plotlines as well as curves. AutoCAD is utilized over the scope of enterprises, together with engineers, project managers, architects, amid different professions.

A comprehension of geometry and mathematics is required for all who are taking an interest in the course. Understanding the chart, simple drawing alongside fundamental drafting perception and visualization is given.

AutoCAD 2D:

The target of AutoCAD – 2D course program is to grant the essential learning of making 2D drafting starting with no outside help to PC produced 2D proficient introduction and presentation. The client could draft plot PC produced 2D drawings and illustrations for a given venture. You will have the capacity to utilize AutoCAD to make proficient quality 2D drawings, illustrations and presentation rapidly.

2D Basic I:

This segment began with a prologue to AutoCAD-Format of Directions – computer-aided design Interface, exploring a given illustration or drawing as well as the setting of the toolbar, snap, limits, units, and another parameter. Making pre-characterize model drawing or illustration. Draw (Line, P-line, ellipse, circle, arc, rectangle, polygon and so forth) Modify (eradicate, duplicate, reflect, rotate, move, offset, scale, champers, fillet, extend, trim, stretch).

2D Basic II:

This segment incorporates administration directions World Coordinate (WCS) plus Client Coordinate, Idea of working alongside Layers. Working alongside printing, dimension design paper space, text, hatch, insert, attribute array and blocks. autocad course online

2D Advance:

Conduct and managing a project, 2D computer-aided design presentation.

AutoCAD 3D:

The goal of the AutoCAD – the 3D program is to give the fundamental information of making 3D drafting starting with no outside help to PC produced 3D proficient presentation. The client could make envision PC produced 3D for a given project. It is chiefly to make 3d wire outline in AutoCAD and exchange to 3D studio max for the final animation and rendering. AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi and pakistan all with online.  autocad course in pakistan rawalpindi

3D Basic I:

Understanding is provided for the 3D designs and graphics principally isometric I axonometric as well as the perception of given task. 3d based interface plus its setting (3d crude and its altering) Understanding WCS plus the (UCS) user coordinate system alongside the viewports and view for visual comprehension.


Demonstration and Exhibition are given in making complex strong from 2D profile to the 3D, (Loft Revolve sweep, Extrude) Demonstrating 3d strong alongside Boolean order and strong altering.


Conducting and managing a given 3D venture.

Learning outcomes of the Course AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi :

The Help with the Pragmatic training is the Best segment of our Training Projects. autocad course in rawalpindi saddar

The foundation of our training logic is the universal way to deal with the training that the grown-up students learn by doing. At the point once, the students go to our place for the enrollment, they have numerous questions in their brains, few of them are about the handy way to deal with the practical learning and training. autocad course in islamabad

Some of the training strategies, we take after, to improve your practical experience and understanding, are:

  1. Start from the very first day, and instantly after the installation and introduction of the programming software in your PCs, the practical support and assistance will begin.
  2. Our sessions of the training spin around the functional and practical direction to run the AutoCAD in the preparation and training rooms plus even outside the preparation and training room.
  3. Right from the very beginning at the training and instructional session, we will isolate the class into various gatherings and the groups as well as the practical ventures will be assigned to every one of the groups.
  4. The collaboration and the group assignment will be evaluated by the mentor, on the basis of the session, week by week basis as well as even toward the finish of the entire training program.
  5. The assessment for the last task of the accreditation will be founded on the assessment of the assigned ventures by the mentor and the members of the training, together.
  6. The Live Tasks; a propelled training strategy is the center for each AutoCAD instructional and training courses.
  7. Training sessions for the AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi at PK Institute Rawalpindi are well known for the group learning strategy in Rawalpindi.
  8. As our learners originate from various strolls of the industry as well as with various industrial and mechanical experience, our mentors with tremendous experience in the numerous business settings, assist them with becoming industry pioneers by exceeding expectations in getting the AutoCAD aptitudes.
  9. As AutoCAD taking in and learning extends from the development and construction planning to the modern outlining, the aggregate proficient aptitudes make our learners gain a wide range of knowledge and experience.
  10. Once the diverse abilities work together alongside one another and inject with one another, what progresses toward becoming is a delightful, talented learner who has appeal in the business.
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Who is the intended interest group?

  1. This course is for the learners who have practically no knowledge and information of AutoCAD
  2. Learners who need to make a vocation in building and engineering design
  3. Students of Engineering and Architecture
  4. Learners who need to learn and take in a CAD package for their professional use. AutoCAD Course Rawalpindi
  5. best autocad training in islamabad

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